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489 County Road 265

Somerville, Texas 77879


Phone: 979-272-0102


Services Provided

  • Machine quilting

  • Quilt Design

  • Quilt Construction

  • Quilting Classes


How much?

Business Hours

10 A.M.  - 4 P.M.

Tuesday - Friday


Quilt drop-off and pick-up by appointment.  Mailing also available.

Many quilting patterns from which to select

More Prices ...

Variety of quality battings and threads available.  Price varies with choice.


25% deposit required at the time of the work order.



How to Prepare Your Quilt:


Backing (lining) should be 3-4" longer and 3-4" wider than the quilt top.


Press open seams on the backing.


Press quilt top seams flat.

Starch and iron top for very best results.

Trim thread tails from the back of the quilt top.


Square the quilt top and backing.


If the quilt is directional, mark the edge of the quilt top and the backing.


Keep the top and backing separate.  Do not pin or baste the quilt.


Do not attach embellishents before quilting.

T-shirt Quilts


T-shirt quilts are very popular and they are sentimental comfort items --  collect and assemble personal memorabilia into one "snuggle" article. 


The chart below indicates how many t-shirts are needed for each size quilt. 


Price includes all labor and materials.  You only provide clean t-shirts, laundered without fabric softener.


                            Size              Number of T-shirts      Price


       Throw                         12                    $200

       (50” x 60”)


       Twin                           24                     $325

       (66” x 89”)


       Full                             30                    $425

       (81” x 89”)


       Queen                        42                    $575

       (88” x 94”)


       King                           49                    $750

       (104” x 108”)

Backing (Lining) Fabric Requirements

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